Dear Colleagues,

This is by way of an update regarding Institute activities over the last while. All our members will have received communication from Charlie McGlynn (our administrator) regarding their own subscription and membership status in 2019 and this year.

Furthermore, you will now have received your membership certificates/receipts for last year as applicable. Documents for this year are with the printers. As a result of this exercise, our database now contains current contact details for all colleagues (both in the public and private sectors), so that we can now reach out to  everyone by email and text speedily and efficiently.

The Institute has, in the background, been working hard to regularise and bring its affairs up to date. As mentioned, we are now an incorporated body with the requisite legal status - this was important for us in order to be recognised both by the relevant national and international bodies.

So also, subspecialty groups such as the Irish Head & Neck Society, the Irish Society of Rhinology and the Irish Society of Paediatric ORL have been or are being planned for set-up this year. These groups will be able to link up with their European counterparts, as they will carry official recognition due to the work that has gone on in the background.

Clearly, the events of the last few weeks - not just here in Ireland but worldwide - have been of tremendous significance in the delivery of healthcare. We have had two national zoom meetings with regard to the COVID-19 crisis, and valuable guidance has been issued by some of our members. We continue to engage with the HSE and other authorities to ensure we may practice safely.

As always, keep well, and do communicate with us if you have any queries, suggestions or comments.

With best wishes,

Nash Patil

087 2495 855 /
10 April 2020

CEORL-HNS Dublin 2023

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to inform you that the 2023 CEORL-HNS conference will be held in Dublin! The Institute looks forward to supporting John Russell for this fantastic event.

Nash Patil

New Point of Contact

We are delighted to announce a new point of contact for the Institute.  Jackie Brown from the RCSI is available to address general queries. To contact, please email  or call +353 1 402 2188.